Everything starts with relationships. A small-sized firm can offer economy of scale, discounts, excellent individualized, customer services, significant and large returns on your investment. 

Our Services




HR | BIZZ can help your business by properly utilizing your human capital. Business development means different things to different people. That’s why for us we define business development as a method of utilizing your human capital to create a strategic advantage for your company. For us its about utilizing your employees in ways you may never have before and developing new services the organization didn’t do before.  Our approach will help your company capture new business opportunities.




Owners of small to medium businesses rarely have time or human resource knowledge; payroll and accounting abilities, understanding of employment compliance, or background in risk management, and employee benefit programs.


Outsourcing enables business owners to cost-effectively manage their Human-Capital. Our flexible and nimble approach allows our clients to focus on their core competencies, which in turn helps them grow their bottom-line.


We formulate strategic partnerships with high quality established Brokers and Payroll administrators. We have been effective in addressing our client’s needs through HR-Outsourcing. Our HR experts, combine significant business experience with up to date, technology and trends, our solutions are forward thinking.




We assist our clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. Our role is to maximize the client’s performance related to Human Capital by recommending and implementing “best practices” products, services and solutions.



We provide the following services together or separately:


• Expert witness services – human resources and worker’s compensation
• Performance management
• New hire packages – all documents required, recommended
• Employee Handbooks – development and implementation
• Employee Relations and Labor Law Compliance
• Maintenance of required Personnel Records
• Human Resources Monthly Reports
• Harassment Prevention and Training
• Diversity and Safety Training
• Compensation and Benefit Package
• Recruitment and Background Screening
• Grievances Management
• Disciplinary Actions and Terminations



An HRIS implementation is a large-scale project. At HR | BIZZ we’ll help you get your system up and running. We know what it takes to implement the right system for your company.


We’re also experienced with Performance Management, Time Card Audits, Succession Planning, and creating HR Departments from inception.