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Rodney Bolton

Managing Partner

Mr. Rodney Bolton helps companies perform transactional tasks in transformational ways. Rodney specializes in improving employee morale and motivation, in turn making it more likely that employees will achieve an organization's goals.


Rodney uses statistics to improve the function of HR. HR and people in general, are extremely random. Statistics help us understand, capture as well as predict the randomness of HR. It can help us forecast spikes, ambiguities and hidden aspects of the day-to-day HR processes. This can be especially beneficial with recruitment, succession, retention and reducing turnover.


Understanding the value of a company's human assets and the need to ensure that the talent of an organization has is not just on board but also properly motivated and seen as a valued partner is a key to HR and organizational success.  Rodney understands that the role of HR has more and more become that of a strategic partner. His process involves developing a strong link between employees and management that helps companies specifically employees become key stakeholders. This makes employees willing to invest in the company, its mission and values.


People trump strategies. The most valuable asset of any company is talent. Rodney trains employers to think strategically about their organization’s human capital. 

Rodney’s work has been beneficial in enhancing effectiveness while maximizing efficiency. Throughout his career he has dealt with HR and business issues stemming from start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, accelerated growth, organizational development and leadership.


Rodney focuses heavily on Human Resources infrastructures, workflows, and Human Resources auditing, compliance and employee relations. Rodney utilizes his strengths in organizational development and leadership to improve not only HR Departments but also the entire company.


Rodney is very active in the Chinese Business Community and has worked with companies located throughout China. His innovative approach helps foreign companies navigate the HR compliance maze. 


Rodney regularly lectures on the subject of Human Resources and Leadership and has done so for the City of Hawthorne, UCLA Extension, Phillips University, countless Insurance Brokers, public agencies and employers. Rodney is a professor of Human Resources Management and mentor to numerous HR interns. Previously, Rodney worked along side the Office of Wage Standards (OWS) of the Bureau of Contract Administration in developing and implementing the City of Los Angeles Minimum Wage Ordinances.

(626) 999-5990

Rodney Bolton
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