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Gain valuable insight about the trends and challenges influencing your role and business with Paylocity (NASDAQ: PCTY). Paylocity develops cloud-based payroll and HR solutions that empower you to automate processes, attract and retain talent, stay tax compliant, and ultimately save money.

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hr bizz Logo good.jpg

Many companies still rely on paper based systems to process HR related functions and track time and attendance. Not surprisingly, those companies often face mistakes and errors in their records.


We at HR | BIZZ strongly believe that business success requires highly accurate payroll administration, and payroll is run most smoothly and without error when processes are automated. HR | BIZZ can help you design and leverage technology for a more accurate administration of payroll. HR | BIZZ helps you:

  • Once you enter payroll, we manage your taxes completely

  • Provide your employees access to individual payroll information online 

  • 24/7 access to online payroll reports

  • Access to team of expert payroll and tax specialist

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